Dog Parks

There are some great areas to take your dog in the Bayside area, where they can run off lead and play with other dogs.

In the Black Rock area you can take your dog down onto Half Moon Bay or Black Rock beach for them to splash around and have a swim. During the summer however, dogs are only allowed on the beach before 10am (and they are allowed to be off-lead as well) and after 7.30pm (on the lead).

Having fun down at Black Rock beach

There is also the beach down at Sandringham, and inbetween Black Rock and Sandringham there is the Royal Avenue Reserve, (which is on Royal Avenue, Sandringham) where you can let dogs off lead to run.

At Beaumaris beach you can let your dog off leash any day or time, which can be very useful if you don’t manage to get down to the beach early in the morning. There is an enclosed dog beach down at Brighton too, between Sandown Street and Bay Street, and in St Kilda there is an all year round dog beach along Beaconsfield parade (between Langridge St and Cowderoy St.)

Even if you go just for a lead walk with your dog, there are some lovely scenic areas, such as along the tops of the beaches, there are lots of winding pathways and trees and bushes for your dog to explore. Dendy Park in Brighton East is a great dog park, you can either let your dog off, or there is a pathway going all the way round if you want to follow that. It is a large park, with lots of water points, so your dog has plenty of opportunity to have a drink.

There is also the R.J.Sillitoe Reserve in Hampton which is another off leash park, as well as Cheltenham Park, and down at Sandringham Harbour in Hampton, dogs are permitted off leash down at the beach at all times.

Another great park which few people know about is Heatherton Park. Heatherton Park is situated off Heatherton Road, which is a continuation of Kingston Road, which comes off of Warrigal Road. There is a large off leash area, as well as a park for kids and a BBQ, so you can take the whole family! There are certain parts where your dog must be on leash, but the majority is off leash, and its a great area for dogs to run around!
There is also Karkarook park, which is nice scenic area to go for a walk with your pooch.

Further up in South Yarra, there is Fawkner Park which has designated off leash dog areas, and drink points, (need your gumboots in the winter though as can be quite squelchy when wet!).

South Yarra

Catch me if you can! Up in South Yarra

For more information about where your dog can go in the local suburbs visit here.