How does it work?

  • FREE Meet & Greet

Once you have given us a call, we will arrange a time to come and meet with you and your dog for a free ‘meet and greet’ consultation. This is a good opportunity for us to meet your dog, have a chat with you about their needs and what they like to do on their walks. You can also show us where you leave the lead/how we will gain access to your dog for their walks, and just sign some terms & conditions. You can ask us any questions you may have, and if you decide not to go ahead, that’s fine, there’s no charge.

  • The Walks

Once your dog is booked in for a walk, we will come and collect them from your home, take them to the park/beach, where they can run, play, chase, play ball and socialise for a full hour. We will then drop them off home, (if wet we will towel dry them for you), check they have fresh water, and make sure your home is secured before we leave. As we guarantee our walks are an hour long, your dog will most likely be out for 1-2 hours, (as travel time is additional) so they get the most out of their time at the park! (You still only pay for 1 hour!)

We always carry water with us so the dogs always have the opportunity to stay hydrated – especially after all the running around they do! We also carry balls, poo bags, and treats, so we are fully prepared for all of our walks so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

For more information check out Our Walks page!