Gift Vouchers

Stuck with what to give someone for their Birthday or Christmas?

Know someone who doesn’t have enough time to walk their dog?

Want a great gift that’ll benefit owner and dog?

Then why not buy them a dog walking gift voucher! This is a great present for those people you know who love their dogs, and it’s so easy to do! Simply think about the number of dog walks you want to give (min 4 walks), call Amelia on 0459 215 380, and she will send your voucher straight to your email address (once payment has been received!), where you can print it off to give to your friend/loved one/ anyone who loves their dog!

What a unique gift idea! And all done from the comfort of your own home, so no stressful shopping. So if the person you’re thinking of lives in the Bayside area, give Amelia a call on 0459 215 380.