Does the hour walk include travel time?

No, the travel time to and from the park is additional to the hour, meaning your dog gets the most out of their walk, and we guarantee they always get the full hour at the park. This means your dog will most likely be out for 1-2 hours, (and you only pay for 1 hour!) so more time for socialisation and playtime!

Are you insured?

Yes we have Public Liability Insurance, which is specifically tailored to dog walking, and we are covered for up to $5 million worth. Amelia and all of her team are also police checked.

What if it’s raining/bad weather?

We walk rain, hail or shine! So no worries if it is raining, your dog will still get their walk. The only time a walk may be cancelled is if there is a thunderstorm or extreme heat. If you have a doggy coat that you would like your pet to wear while on the walk if it is raining, just leave it with the lead. We can also towel dry your pet, just leave a towel out and we’ll give them a rub down!

Toby in his coat, keeping nice and warm!


What happens if my dog is injured on a walk?

This is extremely rare, but we are fully prepared if anything did happen to your dog. We carry contact details for your preferred vet with us, along with alternate contact information (in case you are not reachable). In the highly unlikely event of an incident occurring, we would immediately contact you and take appropriate action, seeking professional veterinary advice.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made by cash, EFT (bank transfer), or regular direct debit.

Do I have to leave a key out?

Depending on your property and where your dog will be during the day, we can either go in through a side gate, you can leave us a key which we can return after the walk, or you can give us a spare key (incase you ever forget to leave the key out, your dog still gets their walk). We will always make sure your home is fully secured before we leave.