We offer the best value dog walking service in Melbourne, giving you a premium service at an affordable price. For all of our walks we guarantee your dog will be walked for the full hour, so they get the maximum amount of playtime, socialisation and stimulation! This means your dog will usually be out for 1-2+ hours so travel time is free of charge. We do a towel off if needed and water check which is also included in the pricing.                                                                       We cater for all dogs, large and small, puppies to older dogs. If you’re unsure which service would be most suitable for your dog, please give Amelia a call on 0459 215 380.

For regular walks (i.e on a weekly ongoing basis):

  • 1 hour group walk = $28 (2 dogs = $50)
  • ½ hour private walk = $45 (2 dogs = $55)

For casual/once off walks (so for those occasions when you may be ill, have to work unexpectedly, or going away and just need a walk) :

  • 1 hour group walk = $38 (2 dogs = $60)
  • 1/2 hour private walk = $50 (2 dogs = $60)

We can also feed your pooch after their walks, each feed = $7.

Please note for all dogs we first take them out on a half an hour private walk so one-to-one, in order to get to know them, see how they go and assess if they will be suitable for group walks.

(For more information about our walks please visit the Our Walks page or if your dog needs that extra bit of attention please visit our Pet Minding/Holiday Walks page here.)