Pet Minding/Holiday Walks/Puppy Visits

Are you going away, but don’t want to put your dog in kennels? Does your pet prefer being in their own home?

Need someone to come and feed your cat while you’re away? Got a new puppy and don’t want to leave them all day on their own?

We now offer an in home service, where we can come and feed your pet, give them cuddles, play with them, take them for a walk, and give them the care and attention that you would while you are away. This way your dog or cat gets to stay at home in their own familiar environment, and still get love, attention and exercise.Sleepy Marley

For 20-30 mins including a feed, play, change of water, suitable for cats /older dogs / puppy visits = $39.

For 45 mins including a minimum of 30 mins walk, feed, play, change of water = $59.

For 1 hour, including a minimum of 45 mins walk, feed, play, change of water = $69.

With these in home visits we can also do a mail check, water the plants, and do a poop scoop of the garden as needed.