Amelia’s Dog Walking – Happy to help!


Looking for a local dog walker in Melbourne? Look no further as Amelia’s Dog Walking Melbourne offer a caring, personal dog walking service for all pooches great and small.

Amelia’s Dog Walking Melbourne is based in Bayside but has clients slightly further afield so if you are not in Bayside please still enquire as we may know of a great local Melbourne dog walking service near to you.

Why choose Amelia’s Dog Walking over the rest?

Quality – Amelia’s Dog Walking focus on providing an easy to use, quality service that is individual to you and your dog’s needs. All of our group walks are an hour long so your pup has time to run and release their energy before returning home feeling content. Unlike some dog walking companies, we vary where we walk, to keep things fresh, exciting and stimulating for your dog. We have multiple locations throughout Bayside where we love to walk, ensuring your pooch always gets a quality walk.

Amelia and her dog Marley

Amelia and her dog Marley

Tailored – Some dogs require short slow walks and other dogs love to interact with others. Whatever your dog’s individual needs, we can meet them either in our group walks or in a more personal and tailored individual session.

Flexibility – Walking your dog when you work full time or have other commitments is hard, and we know those commitments can change from time to time so we always try to offer flexible arrangements so your dog always gets the walk they deserve.


Pricing – All of our pricing is very competitive; although we are NOT high in cost we ARE high in quality.

Safety – The dogs are always safely in the back of our vehicles for their safety and our walkers – so we don’t have anyone trying to sit on our laps while we drive! Once at the park/beach we only let your dog run off lead in appropriate and specified areas. At the end of the walks we check they have fresh water, and are secure at home before we leave. We have a very select team to ensure the highest possible quality of care for your dogs.

Don’t have time to walk your dog? Out all day at work while your dog is home alone? Or has your dog just got heaps of energy? We understand life’s pressures and we aim to provide you with an easy to use, flexible service so your pooch gets what they need.

Giving your dog a safe, healthy and stimulating walk is so important not only for their physical well-being, but also for their mental state. One of the first things any dog trainer will ask you when facing an animal with behavioural issues is, “How often is your dog being walked?” A well exercised dog is less likely to have behaviour issues, as well as helping your pet to stay fit and healthy.

Such good doggies!

Such good doggies!